2013 ECS Volleyball Schedule
Date Opponent Place Time Teams
Aug 13 Macon East (Scrimmage) Home 4:00PM JV/V
Aug 15 Kingwood (Round Robin) Away 4:00PM V
Aug 19 Lowndes Away 3:30PM M/JV/V
Aug 20 Evangel Home 4:00PM M/JV/V
Aug 22 Crenshaw Home 4:00PM M/JV/V
Aug 24 ECS ‘Serves Up’ Tournament Home 9:00AM V
Aug 27 Kingwood Away 4:00PM M/JV/V
Aug 29 Hooper Home 3:30PM M/JV/V
Sept 3 Northside Away 4:00PM M/JV/V
Sept 5 Lee Scott Home 4:00PM M/JV/V
Sept 9 Macon East Away 4:00PM M/JV/V
Sept 10 Glennwood Home 4:00PM M/JV/V
Sept 12 Evangel Away 4:00PM M/JV/V
Sept 16 Morgan Home 4:00PM M/JV/V
Sept 19 Lee Scott Away 4:00PM M/JV/V
Sept 23 Edgewood Home 4:00PM M/JV/V
Sept 26 Pike Liberal Home 4:00PM M/JV/V
Sept 28 Lee Scott – Round Robin Away 9:00AM V
Oct 1 Glennwood Away 4:00PM M/JV/V
Oct 3 Coosa Valley Home 4:00PM JV/V
Oct 8 Northside Home 4:00PM M/JV/V
Oct 17 Morgan Away 4:00PM M/JV/V

*Times and teams subject to change

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